I’ve never done a follow forever before but since so many people are doing it right now I thought it’d be fun to make one too :) I’m really sorry if I forgot you, all of the blogs I follow (and every single one of my followers!) are awesome! So, the following blogs are my favourite blogs and/or some amazing friends I made on here:

abc » all-eyezonmebelle-bagginsbunny-masked-girl,  couldyoupleaseshutupmerlin

def » destrroyadimpledgiantedaletofall-in-chocolatefranletcofuck-yeah-jared-leto

ghi » hxcfairyiansmolderholiciamjustamomentibelieveingaskarth, iwalkonguns

jkl » jaredbalejaredspornhandsjaredssexylipskayteafaceletobeardsletowhore

mno » maddyficationmrs-lisa-letomrsmilicevicodetomarsonmy0wn

pqrs » peteetapsychoticvanillashannonletosexualfrustration

tuv » themonkeydancethegreat-h-e-n-d-o-w-s-k-ithisisthelifeofnaomitomofo

wxyz » watsonwarriorwondersleepsherewordsssoleisured

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